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Cold Laser Use for Scar Reduction


A client recently asked me if cold laser would help to soften and heal a 10 year old scar, which is causing her a great deal of pain and discomfort on a daily basis. This was my reply.

No one can guarantee to give you results with your scar, however, cold laser technology offers the greatest chance of healing, pain relief and recovery over any thing that I am aware of. Cold laser stands the best chance of helping with old scar reduction and pain relief because it works at a cellular level, with your body’s own natural healing processes, right down to the level of the nerves and DNA. It kicks the body’s healing and immune response into overdrive, directly at the site of treatment.

I personally have a scar on the back of my hand from a pin that was drilled into my medial metacarpal during an operation for a shattered wrist. When the Dr. removed the pin he broke the metacarpal bone because he pulled it out instead of unscrewing it. The upper skin layer bonded to the lower skin layers just above the bone, creating a thick scar on the back of my hand, which I lived with uncomfortably for over 20 years. A pea sized lump formed next to the scar over the years, which is supposedly made of cartilage. Upon using the laser about 5 years ago I was able to reduce the pain by over 90%, shrink the cartilage lump by two thirds, soften the scar and reduce its appearance to comfortable levels. All this was accomplished thanks to cold laser therapy.

“What lasers would you recommend for scar reduction?”

The following light therapy devices in my opinion will give you the best chance at results because they address the cells on all possible levels with the highest quality and best combination of diodes in multiple wavelengths and power densities. The power and wavelength of the AL500 Acupuncture Laser is a great choice for deep and old scar reduction, especially when used in conjunction with the Quasar light therapy devices. The AL500 is identical in power output and wavelength to the MediLaser, which costs $6,500 and yet the AL500 is just $1595. The Baby Quasar for $449 is ideal for smaller scars and for home use. It’s a mini version of it’s big sister, the professional skin care photo-rejuvenation device called the Quasar SP, which costs $1849.

Regarding LEDs vs LASER for Scar Reduction.

Not all LEDs are created equally, but the good ones deliver outstanding results for skin therapy to such a degree that even NASA uses them. The best results are obtained when the LEDs are applied in multiple wavelengths. The beauty of the Quasar light therapy systems is that they utilize 4 different wavelengths in the red and infrared ranges with the sequipulse delivery system, which maintains balanced harmonics between the wavelengths for peak performance.

Additionally, it is advantageous to use the light therapy in conjunction with aloe vera gel, which has powerful mucopolysacharides for healing skin. Whatever you put on your skin will be driven further into the cells by the application of light therapy to it. Pure vitamin E oil is also extremely good for softening scars and should be applied regularly to support the healing process.


  1. A chiropractor recommended that my daughter use cold laser to treat a scar that formed across her abdomen after surgery when she was ababy.

    She is now 14 years old.

    The chiropractor feels that scars create problems in the body and create “confusion”.

    She has been having a chronic acne problem for years even though she eats a clean diet and uses only Standard Process whole food supplements, and no medications or vaccinations.

    Which laser would be best for this type of scar?

  2. Dear F,

    Thank you for your good questions. I have seen lasers work well for scar reduction and the type and depth of the scar is relevant to the wavelength and power of the cold laser to be used. Some cold lasers are also very effective for acne and some can also be used for balancing organs and glands and helping with digestion.

    In addition to what others have told me about their experiences with scar reduction, I have two personal experiences with scars and cold lasers. One is regarding an operation to my hand and the other is regarding a C section birth operation in my ex-wife. Both scars responded well to the application of cold laser. You can see another blog post here: http://blog.quantum-healing-lasers.com/cold-laser/cold-laser-use-for-scar-reduction

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