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Light Force Therapy Scam or Real Deal


Not all light therapy is created equal. Sadly there are companies out there who are taking advantage of people by marketing less than effective devices.

Today I got a letter from a trusted and reliable friend who who has built and tested numerous laser and light therapy devices for over 20 years. He was warning me about a product marketed online under the name,  “Light Force Therapy”. He referred to a company called Light Relief, which he says, ” has started a barrage of infoMercials on TV after they got clipped a few years ago by the FDA and FTC “Light Relief” with sports and movie stars (Robert Wagner) claiming everything. The tested effectiveness by me is almost equivalent of a $10 heating pad set to its lowest setting. My self testing friends who can not live one day without using the THERALASER T2000 said they got no relief after hours of use at one sitting! “Light Relief” is 2 payments of $29.95 and shipping about $110 with CA Tax.”

His letter continued with a story about a warning letter,

“Warning Letter to Light Force Therapy, Inc. This is $49 now on different web sites “Light Relief” – Light Relief®. The” diodes, which were visible blue and red—I noticed in the Infomercial that has been removed. I was involved on the side line with one of their early investors as their “scientist” after I told him my results of testing the unit I was never contacted again! They were located in Beverly Hills and the front man was an Attorney. BBB Business Review of Light Relief – General Merchandise Retail By Telephone – Van Nuys, CA A dim view of Light Relief’s claims to relieve pain with LEDs – Los Angeles Times The Sylmark Group.”

LED therapy is cheap, has limited effectiveness and takes too long. However if you are looking for a light therapy device that is less expensive than most cold lasers, but much more effective than LED therapy alone, then check out the TerraQuant Solo. It’s a powerful hand held device that sports visible red LEDs combined with Super Luminous deeper penetrating near Infrared Diodes (SLDs) and a very powerful 15,000 mW deep penetrating 905 nm Infrared laser diode. The combination of 3 healing light technologies combined with magnetic induction is a winning technology now used in over 30 countries around the world. It creates a comfortable, soothing, slight warming effect on the muscles and the deep penetrating Infrared wavelengths work to quickly support healing and pain relief while promoting ATP production in the Mitochondria of your cells. It’s also FDA cleared for home and professional use.

If you are willing to spend more money and looking for ultra power and even deeper penetration consider the THERALASER T2000 or the TerraQuant Pro or TerraQuant Elite.

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